Privacy for our visitors to the website is very important to us, we protect your personal information when you use our services and buy products from us. Below you can read more about whether we work to maintain high security regarding sensitive personal data.


Your personal information is processed by Jennifer Louise Beauty AB / MY-TREND. We comply with Swedish laws regarding consumer security and GDPR (General data protection regulation). 556771-0552 accounting address, Sättarevägen 3, 43437 Kungsbacka. Email address and The following privacy policy (combined with the Terms of Use, other documents referred to, and our Cookie Policy) describes how we collect, use, process and store your personal information as a company under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).



We use your personal information to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible with us at MY-TREND. Below you will find reasons why we receive and process your personal information, as well as how we store them.


MY-TREND manages marketing in a number of ways to be visible to our customers. Your personal information is never used unless you have approved it for the purpose of receiving advertising and information about our campaigns, newsletters, Instagram campaigns, competitions, discounts etc. Examples of information stored in our systems that we (in a marketing campaign) purpose) should be able to contact you and make you aware of our current campaigns, see below.


First & last name

Phone number

E-mail address


order number and order history (to be able to offer similar goods that you previously ordered and may be interested in)

IP address

Information and data such as cookies & IP address from the source you use when you visit our site. This stores, among other things, which pages and products you previously viewed.


The information collected for marketing purposes by us is used so that we can offer the best products to you as a customer in a personal way through the information where we see what you usually look at.


Through social media, we have no stored information about you as a customer more than your username on the platform, unless you contact us through the e-mail function and provide information that can be stored by us for customer service purposes.




We always want to be able to offer the best service at all times. Handing over personal data during a customer service assignment can be crucial in our work to always offer good customer service. Examples of information that may need to be collected by you during a customer service assignment are:



Phone number

E-mail address


order number and order history (to be able to offer similar goods that you previously ordered and may be interested in)

Payment information (invoice and card information).


We only use your information for the appropriate purpose to help you with your questions as smoothly as possible. Below are examples of what context this information may need when contacting our customer service.


Questions regarding order history.

Questions regarding Membership & renewal of passwords on the membership platform.

Questions about products and product descriptions.

Questions about shipping and shipping options.

So we can identify your identity when we search our database for your possible case.

The processing of your personal data is necessary for us in order for us to keep our part of the contract between you and us.


A membership at makes it easier for you and makes your shopping experience smoother by saving card details and previous order history. This membership also entails disclosure of personal information for you as a member to us as responsible. We handle the following tasks in connection with a membership;




  • First & LAST NAME

  • Phone number

  • E-mail address

  • Address

  • order number and order history (to be able to offer similar goods that you previously ordered and may be interested in)

  • Payment information (invoice and card information)

Card information under the "my cards" tab where you can safely enter your card details for us to store so you can shop more smoothly the next time you visit our site and are logged in through the member portal.


When logging in to our site you can also choose to log in via your facebook account or a Google linked account. This is done except MY-TREND's control and is handled by facebook / google's terms of use. We share your information but never share access to sensitive information such as passwords etc. You can read more about this via the links below,



This information is also used for the purpose below


  • So you can easily create a login and remain logged in to your profile.

  • So you can register information in advance which will later have to be registered at checkout.

  • So you can easily keep track of your order history and possible returns.

  • So we can contact you if any errors occur.

  • So customer service can easily detect errors & help if any problems arise and you want advice.

  • So we can more easily tip about products similar to the ones you previously bought.


The legal grounds for processing your personal data in this way are:

The processing of your account is based on our legitimate interests * so that we can give you access to, for example, your order history, list of similar products or simplify your purchases at checkout.








Personal data includes the personal information that is collected by you and which we can use for the purpose of contacting and identifying you. According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), personal data includes "all information about an identified or identifiable natural person (" a registered "). An identifiable natural person is one that can be directly or indirectly identified, especially with reference such as a name, identification number, location data, an online identifier, or one or more factors specific to the physical, physical, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of the natural person ".


We collect information about you as a customer and user from our membership platform, but we never collect sensitive personal data, which according to (GDPR) is defined as personal data about a person and user, for example "categories of personal data related to race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, genetic data, biometric data, health.


When using our website, membership platform, webshop and other social media (Instagram), your personal information can be stored with us according to the above points, but we are determined that they are always used in consent and are available for our customers and visitors to take part. of if so required. We never use personal information without proper purpose.



We protect your personal information within our company and will not sell or share sensitive personal information to a third party, with one exception,


This applies to the sharing of freight information such as first & last name, address and possibly company name when purchasing from our site. We ship the goods to you via Postnord and their rules regarding the handling of personal data you can read more about here,



Our storage of your personal data varies depending on whether you are registered with MY-TREND as a member customer or not. We store different information and this is based on how much information you share on the site. Below you can read about the information that is saved about you as a customer depending on how you use our site.




In order for us to manage such a smooth and easy experience for you as a customer, certain information about you is saved when purchasing goods from our site. The data that will be saved and handled by MY-TREND is attached below.



Phone number

E-mail address


Payment information and Order history

(this refers to shipping method, payment method, part number & date of purchase)

This information is saved so that we can relate to the purchase agreement and execute an order. As well as contact you regarding your orders. Without your consent to our use of your personal data, we will not be able to fulfill our part of the purchase agreement and the order will not be executed.

This information is stored for a maximum of 36 months in order to satisfy your warranty & claim right which is valid for 3 years according to Swedish laws on consumer law online. We want to be able to offer a simple and smooth handling of shipping problems, order errors, incorrect purchases and other customer matters. The information is saved from the order being executed.
We also have an obligation to store certain documents according to laws and regulations that we need to follow as a company. The Swedish Accounting Act is one example of these reasons. Information stored due to these stays in our systems with limited access for 7 years + holding years. Thus, our customer service does not have access to this information during that period after the first 36 months.

We want to give our customers as much information as possible to minimize the risk of someone missing a good offer. That is why we work a lot with mailing in the form of newsletters, promotional advertising, etc. However, we have full understanding that we do not always receive these emails and may even want to subscribe to them. Simply do this by contacting our customer service who will help you directly, enter your name and email address and write "unsubscribe newsletter" in the subject line for even faster support.
We will never use your personal information that you provide on the site for marketing purposes unless you have given your consent to this via the site.